1) What is the advantage of being a client in a Swiss Asset management company?

We wanted full transparency, effective regulation and solid reputation to support our structure and no other country offers a more secure financial culture and environment. Alcral AG Asset Management Switzerland is a fully regulated financial institution under the supervision of the Swiss financial authorities.

As one of the most well regulated, reputable and secure financial centres in the world, Switzerland is a stable political, legal and economic environment with a well-established financial sector. It is an onshore territory but with attractive taxation. Swiss tax authorities generally view the taxpayer as a client/business partner. Each canton (county) has its own individual tax codes, leading to the most competitive corporate and individual tax rates. As a strong currency, the Swiss franc has become increasingly attractive to investors and savers in recent decades, especially considering the growing weakness of other currencies. Depositing money in a Swiss bank account is advantageous because of privacy and protection of funds.

Switzerland is centrally located in Europe with international airports in Geneva and Zurich and a highly effective infrastructure. It has full autonomy. It is neither a member state of the EU nor the EEA, but is signed up to the European Free Trade Association and the OECD.

2) How can Alcral AG generate such attractive returns in a very difficult financial market?

In reality some investment companies deliver better results than others. 

We are adding extra elements on top of our trading strategy which when available, will support monthly profit payments if trading results have not been sufficient in our opinion and not reached our target.

We must however advise that past results are no guarantee for future results.

3) Is Alcral AG an alternative investment?

Alcral AG operates under the category called Alternative Investments, which is an investment that doesn't include the three traditional asset types of stocks, bonds and cash. Alternative investments are held by institutional investors or high net worth individuals because of their complex nature. They include hedge funds, managed futures, currency trading, real estate and commodities. Alternative investments are favoured mainly because their returns have a low correlation with the standard asset classes. The sector has grown substantially in the last decade and is expected to continue growing in the next few years. Professional investors looking for better returns on their investment portfolios are gradually moving to alternative investments.

4) Why doesn't Alcral AG make compound interest?

Our business model doesn't benefit from small increases to capital. We therefore pay out profits on a monthly basis to investors - a previously unheard of level of monthly liquidity. This is one of the strengths of our business model. Many investment models used by the industry, do not allow for paying monthly returns. We, and each investor, can monitor our financial situation daily, but for ease of administration we only calculate and declare the profit on a monthly basis.

5) Could Alcral AG’s Trading Strategy be easily replicated?

As with any market-leading innovation, we believe over time other financial institutions will try to replicate our investment approach. However, the high intellectual barrier and the sophistication of our trading strategy would make such attempts very difficult and time-consuming.

6) Does Alcral AG charge standard performance fees?

No, Alcral AG does not charge the traditional individual sign-on fee, a performance fee, or a management fee but rolls all of these and its other costs into one Management Charge which is only applied in certain circumstances. But as with many other financial institutions we receive a remuneration from our broker from all transactions made. However, when we deem appropriate and when there are sufficient funds available we have the ability to forward part of this when our monthly profit target is not initially achieved by means of trading results and the support from the Security Reserves.

7) Can I choose where to pay my monthly profits to?

No, due to regulatory obligations imposed on the broker as well as for your own security, withdrawals from your profit account have to be paid back to the same account from where the original investment came from. Therefore, it is not possible to send the funds anywhere other than this account.

8) Why does Alcral AG work only with managed accounts?

Managed accounts give greater security and benefits to investors. An investor’s funds are not given over to a manager or a mutually owned fund. Their capital stays in their own name in an account held directly with the broker. The investor can monitor every single trade and movement on their account, while an experienced professional money manager works with their funds under controlled circumstances. An investor’s funds are never mixed with those of other investors, but held only on their account and are traded specifically for them. Investors are not charged any hidden sign up, management or performance fees.

9) Can investors add to their investment portfolio with lump sums?

Alcral AG only accepts an additional increase to investments of a minimum of 100,000 of their invested currency. In such case, a new contract is drawn up between the investor and Alcral AG.

10) How does compliance work?

Compliance (also known as Due Diligence and Know Your Customer) is an essential requirement in the finance industry to ensure all funds come from legitimate sources and are neither the result of money laundering nor the proceeds of crime and illegal activities such as drugs, arm deals or human trafficking. Therefore, in line with usual international standards due diligence information and supporting certified documentation must be provided by the beneficial owner of the funds on their origin. This is required by all financial institutions involved in the investment: Alcral AG Asset Management, the broker and the bank where the investor’s funds will be held. Investors need approval from all of these institutions before trading can commence.

11) Does Alcral AG offer investment advice?

Alcral AG does not provide investment advice or have an advisor referral service. Investors should speak directly to their own financial advisors for investment advice.

12) How is my profit taxed?

Alcral AG does not not give any tax advice. Investors should seek advice from their own tax advisors as they are responsible for their own tax situation.

13) Is Alcral AG a fund?

No. We only offer managed account services. Each client’s investment is traded individually and customised, with their account held on a standalone basis.

14) Do you have any historical data?

Yes, we have documented historical data. This is available upon request.

15) What financial instruments are you working with?

Our experts execute our pre-defined and stringently managed strategy of diversification through the equity, currency and commodity markets. We employ a combination of mathematical formulas, technical analysis and fundamentals to buy and sell contracts, investment funds and ETFs of the main indexes, currencies and commodities. We combine hedging strategies (buying and selling of contracts of the same value in opposite directions at the same time) and intraday strategies (buying and selling of contracts the same day) in order to constantly mitigate our risks yet strive to deliver our targeted returns.

16) When was the company founded?

Alcral AG was founded in 2008 and during 2013 it implemented the Alcral Dynamic Strategy, which was improved in 2017. The methodology is based on much less risk to investors, with more safety and profitability.

17) Can the broker accept other assets than cash transfer as collateral for investment into Alcral?

Only bank transfer can be accepted. We don't accept other assets as collateral. If investor has real estate, shares or similar valuable assets, he can choose to take a loan with his own financial institutions and can thereafter invest with Alcral AG.

18) How can I find out more about Alcral AG Asset Management?

Alcral AG Asset Management has official introducers in various parts of the world. They will be pleased to contact you and assist you with any questions you may have and attend a personal meeting if you so require at our premises.

Do you have any other question?

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