Investment model

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Operating on a managed account basis, we have developed a fresh, innovative approach to existing investment practices. Unlike many other asset management offerings where much of the return is lost in fees, we have structured our platform so that our interests are aligned with that of the investor.


Operating in the traditional sphere of equity, commodity and currency markets we are able to consistently provide top quartile investment returns exceeding benchmarks, while maintaining sector leading risk/reward performance, regardless of market direction or sentiment.


Our strategies are managed by our experts employing strict, pre-determined criteria and by diversifying using a combination of algorithmic and manual trading. Constantly supervised by our risk executives; discipline, control and meticulous risk management are the foundations of our investment philosophy and success.


The combined effect of prioritising investor returns, the extra support mechanisms we employ and the low risk trading strategies all combined enable us to give exceptional returns.


We offer two different investment strategies to the market, follow your investment profile and objectives: 



The Alcral Dynamic Strategy is a combination of longer term and shorter term positions in the oil and energy markets, taken by either buying or selling Energy and Oil ETFs. The investment team reviews its positions on a daily basis, firstly through analysis of fundamentals and secondly by assessing technical trends. Only when at least three technical trends and the fundamental analysis concur positions are taken.


Profit and stop loss levels are set for every position, whether short or long, and it is possible that contra positions are held at the same time. The strategy is a medium to long term investment and positions maybe taken and held for extended periods before being closed, although shorter term positions are more common within the strategy.


The Alcral Dynamic Strategy has been developed with simplicity and transparency in mind. The primary focus and expertise of the team is investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) across the energy sectors. The investment managers have worked within this sector developing these strategies for many years, enjoying significant returns.


The trading strategy is predominantly an active discretionary management model, driven by intensive analysis of market fundamentals, macro-economic factoring and statistical modelling. There is no black box. The strategy uses publicly available information seeking out market opportunities in the short to medium term. The overall trading approach is that of simple, traditional analytics and prudent risk management with no other complicated formulations, systems or compound risk factors.

The Alcral Conservative Strategy consists on delivering to the Client a stable income return, by a strict selection of fixed income funds, with the main objective of delivering constant income through its dividends, combined with active management, so the client can benefit of a small income, with less risk. Alcral AG covers negative volatility.


The team of Managers of the Alcral Conservative Strategy pursues its objective, investing only in funds with the highest rating, highest liquidity, classification of risk in the lowest levels 1 and 2 (max. 7). Analyzing that they have a proper diversification of the portfolio with bonds of the main nations that provide fixed interest, and that also have potential for valuation thanks to the temporal horizon and thus opt to a greater profitability of the assets. The longer it is the duration of the investment, the greater the sensitivity and use of the interest rates.


The team of Managers of the Alcral Conservative Strategy develops its work with simplicity and transparency, reporting on a regular basis the situation of the Strategy, the medium / long term vision of the same and the global fixed income sector.