What sets us apart

What sets us apart - foto 1/1

We have stated that we conduct our business in a very different way to most in our industry which is much more beneficial to the client as it aligns our interests with theirs. So, whilst targeting exceptional montly returns, what exactly is Alcral ag doing to justify those claims?


Two Strategies with Risk Management
Two strategies - Dynamic and Conservative, executed by a variety of experts ensuring strict adherence to pre-determined risk criteria which are constantly monitored by our risk management team. This is evidenced by our implementation of rigid Stop Loss strategies.


Simplification of Fees
We condense many of the usual fees such as take-on, management, performance into one basic Management Charge which may only be applied in certain circumstances.


Managed Accounts 
By operating managed accounts the investor retains constant access to his account as well as total transparency. Alcral AG never receives client funds directly to invest and only operates under a Limited Power of Attorney, thus providing an extra layer of security.


Low Entry Level
For an investment that carries all these benefits, advantages and security, our entry level investment is set remarkably low at €100,000.00 EUR.